Australasian Lactation Courses

Our tailored courses are designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in your career.

The courses are done entirely online and are self-paced, allowing for flexibility and providing adaptability to the needs and commitments of the individual. There are no assignment deadlines, and you have access for one year to complete the Full and Recertification courses, or one month to complete the individual Modules.

It can be accessed from your desktop computer, smartphone or tablet, anywhere you are able to access the internet. 

We see our aim to be that of supporting you in your learning, not in providing all the information for you but to encourage you to think critically about what you are reading and hearing from others.

We have provided reading lists for each Module that include chapter numbers from three currently available textbooks, plus links to required and suggested articles available online. 

You are required to have access to at least one current lactation-specific textbook - we recommend either:

Breastfeeding & Human Lactation, 6th edn, 2021, Wambach, K, & Spencer, B. (hardcover available here, or e-book available here)


Core Curriculum for Interdisciplinary Lactation Care, 2nd edn, 2022, LEAARC & Spencer et al. (hardcover & e-book available here)


Counselling the Nursing Mother 7th ed, by Lauwers & Swisher (hardcover available with a 35% discount here with our code LACTATION2023, or e-book available here)

Each Module is self-paced and comprises:

a reading list with links to augment your textbook;

a student Forum where you can discuss the Module content, interact with other students, and direct questions to the Module Facilitator

a Study Guide which you can download & work with offline;

an ungraded multiple choice Case Study quiz to help you identify your knowledge gaps;

and a graded, timed Practice Exam (80% pass mark, 3 attempts allowed, randomised questions)

You will receive a Certificate of Completion of each Module immediately upon successful completion of all of these assignments.

Registrations for the courses are accepted at any time during the year. Students have 12 months from registration to complete the Full and Recertification courses, and 1 month to complete individual Modules.