Frequently Asked Questions

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What Do I Need to Become a Lactation Consultant?

To become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, you will need to apply for and pass the IBCLE exam.

The requirements to apply for the exam are threefold:

Health Sciences Education

Lactation Specific Education

Lactation Specific Clinical Experience

Our course provides 120 hours of lactation-specific education, surpassing the 95-hour minimum required for the exam. Note that we don't offer the clinical hours or health sciences education needed for exam eligibility.

For more information, visit the IBCLE website.

Are There Prerequisites for This Course?

The courses are tailored for health professionals, but there are no formal prerequisites. Those without a medical or midwifery background may require extra time to complete the course.

Each Module can be completed on it's own, or as part of a Full or Recertification course.

Do I need to live in Australia to access these courses?

No, you don't need to live in or near Australia to access these courses!

The course material is in English, and the content is in-line with the IBCLC being an international qualification - breastfeeding is universal, and we aim to deliver courses that fulfil your lactation specific education requirements wherever you are.  We have students from many different parts of the world, including the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, successfully completing our courses. 

How Much Does the Course Cost?
  • Individual modules - $150 for one months’ access 
  • Full course package (10 Modules / 120 education hours) - $950 for 12 months access ($1800 if bought separately)
  • Recertification package for current IBCLC’s only (7 Modules / 84 education hrs) - $700 for 12 months access ($1050 if bought separately) 

Payable via Stripe through our secure online portal.

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Course?

Full and Recertification courses provide 12 months access from registration and payment to complete the course. If you need more time, extensions can be purchased - $150 for an extra 3 months, or $300 for an extra 6 months. Extensions need to be purchased *before* your access expires, as your access is automatically ceased 12 months from registration. Please contact us to arrange this.

Individual Modules provide one month's access from registration and payment to complete. Please note that access begins upon the purchase date of each Module, and is *not* cumulative with the purchase of multiple Modules. 

Will I Become Certified After Completing the Course?

You will receive a detailed Certificate of Completion for 12 hours of lactation-specific education for each Module you complete. To become an IBCLC, you will need to pass the IBCLE exam, which also requires health sciences education and clinical experience, which we do not provide.

Can I Withdraw or Defer the Course?

Refunds and deferments are not available, so please ensure this course is for you before registering - contact us if you have any questions. 

How is the study done / which textbooks do I need?

Please see the information about Course Structure here.

When Will I Get Access to the Course?

Access is immediately available on registration and payment.

Do the courses include the IBCLE education requirements regarding counselling skills and the WHO Code?

Yes, both the Full and Recertification courses cover all of the current IBCLE education requirements, including the 5 hours focussing on counselling skills and the 2 hours covering the WHO Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes.

For those purchasing individual Modules, the counselling education hours are covered in Module 2, and the WHO Code education hours are covered in Module 10.